2017 Trend Alert

The 2017 color predictions are out and they are stunning!

These 2017 colors are deep and powerful. You will see them creeping in as we continue through 2016. The royal tones have a hint of elegance and beauty. Sherwin-Williams hasn’t put out their 2017 color of the year but my guess is that it will be a navy blue. It’s been showing up everywhere especially in the kitchen industry. They are pairing these stunning blues with the neutrals of last year making for a sophisticated look. These deeper royal tones are creating a more worldly and powerful vibe to homes. Which leads to my trend alert. In 2017 you will be seeing a bold, sophisticated, and international feel in the home industry and it will even bleed into the world of fashion and other areas of art. These colors will lend itself to this eclectic feel of younger homeowners.

The pairing of elegant and re-purposed items will be very evident. You’ll see pieces like fine china being used to accent a space like below. This is just one way homeowners will use classic items to decorate and achieve an eclectic feel in a more modern kitchen that has clean lines and metals. This year is all about balance and having opposites work together in harmony to create a cohesive space. You’ll see above airy whites paired with deep blues creating a nice sense of duality in the space. The use of blues with pinks will become popular as well this is a visual balance with colors. One of my favorite options is using wood countertops with bold painted kitchen cabinets. This allows the wood to warm up a space and still have that homey feel while making a strong statement. Check out Craft-Art wood countertops and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them just as I did. This year people are looking for their kitchens to not only be functional but reflect their personal style.

Camayah Photography
sw 2017 holisticholistic example