Another New Color!

The Newest Color… SEA SALT!

We at Eastman St. Woodworks have felt so inspired by our beach trips this year that we decided to bring the beach to us! The new color Sea Salt has undertones of a bright light green even though it seems to fall in the neutral category. This new color is a beautiful summery color that can open up any space. You can pair your new Sea Salt cabinets with a sandy color countertop to keep that beach vibe flowing. sea salt green

sea salt - room - katelyn james blog

Also if you are like me and you don’t mind a pop of color I really love how orange brings this color (seen on the walls) to a whole new level! It’s even an HGTV Home color by Sherwin Williams and here at the Thibeault household we love our HGTV. If you want to continue to be inspired check out our Pinterest page!

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