New Colors: Blues

Eastman St. Woodworks Reveals Their New Blues: NAVAL & AQUA-SPHERE!

naval salem door sampblue shells
We at Eastman St.Woodworks were so inspired last year by the ocean that we had added a new light
green color called Sea Salt. This year we have stayed true to our costal New England
roots and in honor of our customers we had added not one but two new coastal blue
colors to our cabinet line.The new color Naval is a bold color, with burst of cherry and tannin. It is deep,
rich, yet simple and elegant. It has a historic feel and can be pared beautifully
with many of or other colors like pure white, heron plume, and functional grey!

aquasphere salem door sampdash and albert
The other new blue is called Aqua-Sphere is a new age blue with hints of berries and cinnamon.
Smooth and cool, sexy and conservative; a must for any transitional kitchen. You
can pair your new Aqua-sphere cabinets with a stunning marble countertop in your
kitchen for a bright and airy feel. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for
our new colors! If you want to continue to be inspired check out our Pinterest!

blue inspo blog
Here’s Some Inspiration: blue and white is such a classic and beautiful pairing.
Also in case you haven’t picked up on it yet wallpaper has been back for a while
and will be making a strong statement in 2017!


In This Blog:
Naval is a Sherwin Williams color (SW6244)
Aqua-Sphere is a Sherwin Williams coloe (SW7613)
The images are a “Salem” door style sample by Eastman St. Woodworks

Carrara Marble

Carrara BathroomCarrara Marble countertops are not only a beautiful naturally occurring stone but they age well in your home. Marble has been used for years and years. It’s beauty is ever increasing and it’s not something that will become outdated. If you are a fan of the classics and have been told you’re an old soul, marble may be the perfect fit for you! Maybe when you walk inside an old building that is covered with marble and marvel at it’s overwhelming beauty. Carrara Marble which has been used since the time of Ancient Rome  it is usually white with grey veining. These neutral colors allow it to work in any space and when you change your bathroom theme the countertop will always work. This stone type has been used in architecture and sculptures so you know it has been able to stand the test of time and of course your family!

Marble Care Guide

2017 Trend Alert

The 2017 color predictions are out and they are stunning!

These 2017 colors are deep and powerful. You will see them creeping in as we continue through 2016. The royal tones have a hint of elegance and beauty. Sherwin-Williams hasn’t put out their 2017 color of the year but my guess is that it will be a navy blue. It’s been showing up everywhere especially in the kitchen industry. They are pairing these stunning blues with the neutrals of last year making for a sophisticated look. These deeper royal tones are creating a more worldly and powerful vibe to homes. Which leads to my trend alert. In 2017 you will be seeing a bold, sophisticated, and international feel in the home industry and it will even bleed into the world of fashion and other areas of art. These colors will lend itself to this eclectic feel of younger homeowners.

The pairing of elegant and re-purposed items will be very evident. You’ll see pieces like fine china being used to accent a space like below. This is just one way homeowners will use classic items to decorate and achieve an eclectic feel in a more modern kitchen that has clean lines and metals. This year is all about balance and having opposites work together in harmony to create a cohesive space. You’ll see above airy whites paired with deep blues creating a nice sense of duality in the space. The use of blues with pinks will become popular as well this is a visual balance with colors. One of my favorite options is using wood countertops with bold painted kitchen cabinets. This allows the wood to warm up a space and still have that homey feel while making a strong statement. Check out Craft-Art wood countertops and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them just as I did. This year people are looking for their kitchens to not only be functional but reflect their personal style.

Camayah Photography
sw 2017 holisticholistic example







2016 Trend Alert

The 2016 color predictions are out and I completely agree with them!

pura vida 2016 SW Color SampI just painted my living room a warmer white and have been seeing neutral tones flooding Pinterest boards everywhere. Sherwin-Williams color of the year is Alabaster. It’s a neutral white that can be used with cool and warm tones. With these neutral tones many wood tones will be used. Which leads to my trend alert. This year you will be seeing gorgeous grey stained cabinets. This farmhouse, rustic, and weathered look will transcend the typical southern market. This style will be eclectically incorporated in homes throughout all of the United States. This new farmhouse feel can be used in a traditional rural home or even in a modern loft. It all comes down to being bold enough to mix your major pieces and accessories.

kitchen weathered islandgrey stain kitchenThe above kitchen is a cream very similar to Alabaster. It is paired with a weathered island and white countertops. This kitchen has industrial stools, rustic styled wood, and cottage bead board. The wood keeps the whites from being too stark and the stainless accessories liven up the monotone palate.

The kitchen to the right is a great example of a grey stained kitchen. This gorgeous deep charcoal color you see is shown on a traditional cabinet door style. The kitchen also boasts modern stainless steel appliances along with a trendy lighting fixture. The island is made to look like a farmhouse style butcher block . All these elements blend together to make a stunning kitchen!

These eclectic kitchen styles are going to be very popular in 2016 along with last years statement island trend. I’m excited to say Eastman St. Woodworks will be releasing a new stain color called Ash Grey. This color is sure to be a hit with our customers. We can’t wait to see this new stain color paired with all those cozy neutral colors from the predictions!

grey kitchenrustic modernAsh Grey 1.2016

Me & Zoe

Our new line has arrived! Me & Zoe is a furniture style vanity line that is such a great value and has popular door styles that your customers will love! These vanities can be sold with or without a countertops. They also have sinks and backsplashes available. So let’s check them out!

Me & Zoe Logo

Click Logo For Catalog


Let’s talk selling points…
– All wood box construction
– Already assembled
– Stapled & glued (no cam locks)
– Dovetail drawers
– Lead time (under 7 days)
– Furniture style
– Great door styles
– Double and Single bowl sink options




Hudson 48 choc
Slab Doors (Espresso & Chocolate)

lancaster 48 esp

Shaker Doors (Espresso, Chocolate & True White)

vineyard 48 twht

Beaded Shaker (True White)

All come with these options…
Three countertop color options
Engineered Stone – Silk Beige “Marble”
Neutral Granite – Harvest Gold
Dark Granite – Tan Brown

Selling Features & Benefits

There are many attributes that separate us
from some of the more well known companies
and here are our favorites!


More Space!
Who doesn’t need more space in their kitchen?
Many people come in to remodel their kitchen and will complain about the lack of storage space. This is something that we are proud to say we understand and have taken into consideration. Our drawer boxes are not only bigger than the competitions, but significantly enough for it to be a bit shocking to the homeowners as well as the designers when it’s pointed out. So show the homeowner this feature and let them decide for themselves…

drawer box
Pull out the drawer boxes and place them on a counter.
Make sure the drawer head is hanging over the edge.
You will notice ours is higher which means deeper drawers!

drawer box close up
No more trying to push down your spatula or big spoons
to get the drawers opened and closed!


Smooth finish
Take a sample door of a competitor in a similar price point, now we want you to rub your hand over some of the stained doors. Go ahead…check a few. Now pick up one of our stained door samples and do the same. You may notice ours is smoother or even that the finish feels a bit thicker. This is something we take great pride in. It is due to our hand sanding and thick finish coat which makes for a long lasting product that feels great!
National Lumb -Berlin Disp
No Upcharge for Paint!!!!
Many companies charge more for painted cabinets but Eastman St. Woodworks doesn’t! We want you to get the kitchen of your dreams for same price no matter what finish you choose.


The decision that is white…

So you want white?
Simple…not really.

Go ahead and check out the world of white paint colors and you’ll soon see that it’s not an easy decision. There’s pure white, bright white, snow white, dover white, simple white, incredible white…well you get the point. Let’s talk about how to make that now complicated decision a bit less scary to that average person like me and you!

When I think of white I think of the color of this blog page. It’s a bright white. When you look at whites in the world of paint from any company you’ll see something similar to this…

Whites (Sherwin Williams)

Sherwin Williams

When I look at that picture above I see a lot of colors but not white. I see one that kind of looks like white (towards the top left corner) but it looks more like off white to me. That color is actually “High Reflective White” which is definitely not how I would have described it. All whites have different undertones. There are whites with red undertones, yellow undertones, brown undertones, green undertones, grey, and blue. I’m going to talk about how you can narrow it down and actually choose one.

My dilemma:
I’m buying a house and the living room happens to be one of my least favorite colors (pink) and a bit dirty. So I made what I thought would be an easy decision to paint the living room white. I was graciously given a couch I want to DIY reupholster to be emerald green and that project isn’t the first thing on my to-do list. In the mean time I’d like everything to look like it belongs. White was an easy choice until I saw my options, left baffled I came to these questions. I hope will help guide you.

1. Why white?
– I want white for simplicity and it looks great with black (I love black)

*This means I can’t and don’t want to go too far off from a visually bright white because I want that black and white effect


2. What do I want white to match? (Sounds silly but it matters)
– I want an emerald green couch and black accessories in the room

*This means for me I wanted a white with maybe a little grey undertone to match with the black


3. What is the room lighting like?
– It’s on the East side of the house (the sun hits it first thing in the morning but the room darkens as it sets)

*Natural light I feel is the best light but sometimes if you put a very bright white in a room with a lot of natural light it may feel too stark

*Lamp light (artificial light) can sometimes cast a yellowing effect on whites so anything with yellow undertones you’ll really notice that yellow in it. Also with pink or red undertones it may look peachy (for some people’s room schemes either of these may make a good direction to go in but for my desired black, white, and emerald room it won’t work)

Incandescent bulbs: These generate yellow light that intensifies warm colors but tends to dull cooler colors.
LED bulbs: These bulbs produce brighter light while using less wattage. They come in different colors and those effect your wall color. If you want to know more click on the photo below

Light Bulbs and Wall Color


4. When do I spend the most time in that room?
– I work from home so I have and will see this color all day in natural light then by lamp light at night

*This means both of the above lighting will affect me so I want to make sure the whit I choose will go with my theme in both situations (If you work from an office all day, come home to you living room at night, and spend weekends mostly out of the house you may decide to go with a very bright white. This is because the bright natural light won’t make it feel stark to you since you don’t see your room like that most of the time)


5. What can I eliminate?
– Yellow/gold undertones, red/pink undertones, and brown/tan undertones (because I want it to match black and I don’t have black & brown as part of my desired look)


6. What’s left?
– Grey undertones, blue undertones, and green undertones


7. What do I want to lean towards?
-I decided to lean towards a white with blue and grey undertones because of the yellowing light effect. I didn’t want the green undertones to be greenish yellow with the lighting.



A common debate: What color cabinets?
Below you can see the difference between the paint sample and the actual white cabinet colors. The lighting in each room affects the paint colors differently. Eastman St Woodworks has four shades of white cabinets to pick from there’s pure white, dover white, heron plume, and navajo white, each are a bit different. Pure white is what it sounds like a crisp white color with a slight grey undertone. Dover white is a more creamy white with yellow/tan undertones. Heron plume has a grey/tan undertone. Navajo White has orange undertones.

Pure WhiteView More:
Notice how pure white with natural light looks very bright and clean.
Dover WhiteDover White Kitchen
Dover white where the natural light is coming through looks more like pure white. Above the hood where the incandescent lights are it brings out that yellow and creamy tone. 
Heron PlumeHeron Plume Kitchen2 (5)
Here the heron plume color paired with the blue walls accentuate the grey undertones. Also take note how the lighting in the room affects the cabinet and wall color.
Navajo WhiteNavajo Kitchen
The navajo white color in bright natural light looks like a great buttercream color. You can see up by the shelves how he darker orange tones come through.


Good luck in your hunt for the perfect white!


Martha’s Vineyard Kitchen

View More:
This is a great example of how you can get the custom kitchen look for a much lower price. This Eastman St Woodworks kitchen is a beautiful selling point for a home listed in Martha’s Vineyard for just over 1.8 million dollars. This builder saw that he could get a custom kitchen look along with great quality and save room in his budget for other upgrades!

View More: More: More: St Woodworks cabinets are made locally in Easton, MA. From the dovetail drawers made at their facility down to the sleek looking appliance panels you will see the quality shine through. They are far from ordinary so don’t fear if you need an odd or custom cabinet they can do that too!

View More: More:
While designing your kitchen if you decide to add a custom cabinet you will still be saving plenty of money for that upgraded fridge or kitchen aid you’ve had your eye on. This is because you aren’t paying those high custom cabinet line prices. You only pay custom prices for the custom cabinets you request. After all who wants to pay custom prices for cabinets that aren’t custom?!

View More:
Cabinets: Eastman St. Woodworks                      Door Style: Nantucket                       Color: Pure White

View More:

Another New Color!

The Newest Color… SEA SALT!

We at Eastman St. Woodworks have felt so inspired by our beach trips this year that we decided to bring the beach to us! The new color Sea Salt has undertones of a bright light green even though it seems to fall in the neutral category. This new color is a beautiful summery color that can open up any space. You can pair your new Sea Salt cabinets with a sandy color countertop to keep that beach vibe flowing. sea salt green

sea salt - room - katelyn james blog

Also if you are like me and you don’t mind a pop of color I really love how orange brings this color (seen on the walls) to a whole new level! It’s even an HGTV Home color by Sherwin Williams and here at the Thibeault household we love our HGTV. If you want to continue to be inspired check out our Pinterest page!

Statement Backsplashes

Trends are sometimes looked at negatively in the sense that after time they become “outdated” although when people look at homes some trends from different time periods are seen as very desirable. backsplash1Tile is something that if it’s done well it will outlast the time you spend in your home. Whether the tile is ceramic, glass, marble, or porcelain this tile trend won’t be the next popcorn ceiling or plastic faux-brick in man caves so don’t worry! Be informed and not afraid to decorate to your taste and in the styles of today!cloud tile - new ravenna

subway - green - fireclayWhen updating your home with tile there are plenty of styles to pick from. Subway tiles (pictured right) have been a popular choice for a while due to their simplistic style and are typically seen in white with your choice of grout color. These green ones happen to make a bold statement without having the feeling of being too busy. To top it off they are made in the US and are made with 65% recycled materials! Laser cut tiles come in various interesting shapes. Arabesque tiles (pictured above, left) which have a Moroccan vibe to them which is proving to be a huge trend in kitchens & mosaic glass tiles - lunada baybaths this year. Another option are glass tiles not only are most eco-friendly but stylish too and the added can add a bit of glamour to the space. Often with glass people chose to use a color pallet rather then choose one solid color. The kitchen below (pitured with stainless steel hood) is a great example of using a statement backsplash to create a strong focal point in the space. The tile in itself is a decoration and little is needed with a great backsplash. One thing I will have you notice is a common design element to all of these kitchens they all have simple countertops which allows the backsplash to stand out! For more statement backspashes and other design ideas. Check out our Pinterest and Houzz pages!