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We Now Offer ALL Rev-A-Shelf Items & Can Install Them For You!!!

We have partnered up with Rev-a-shelf to give your customers the opportunity to organize and de-clutter their kitchens. Rev-a-self has great products from drawer plate organizers to our favorite pop up mixer shelf! The mixer shelf gets those bulky Kitchen-Aid mixers off the countertop so your customer can actually use that counter space you gave them!

mixer shelf




Eastman St. Woodworks will be offering a 10% discount of the catalog list price on Rev-a-shelf items. Along with the choice to install them into the cabinets before they leave the plant. That will save the hassle of installers trying to figure it out in the field! The installation price is based off the value of the Rev-a-shelf item (click for pricing sheet).






Feel free to email Natalie at if you need a Rev-a-shelf catalog.

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New Color & Door Style!

Salem Door - GryScrnSalem Door - GryScrn - Closeup
Salem Door – Gray Screen

We are excited to announce the new cabinet color and door style have arrived! Eastman St. Woodworks which is made right here in Massachusetts just released their new Salem door style. The new style blends a modern simplistic feel with a little traditional detail to give it interest. This new shade of gray is a light grey with a mild blue undertone that gives it a crisp and clean vibe. The new color is called Gray Screen and it’s a Sherwin Williams color (SW 7071) that is sure to be a favorite. If you’re feeling bold and inspired by the new Salem style it would look lovely with Pure White wall cabinets and the New Gray Screen base cabinets. Pairing the current modern trend of two toned kitchens with a neutral timeless color pallet. We’re eager to bring these new door samples to you and see how they inspire your customers!

Drawer Front Options: Slab or Recessed Panel
Available in Inset
Price Category: B
Mortise & Tenon Construction

Kitchen Trend: COPPER

One trend that I must admit I’m loving is this new trend of copper. Whether it’s pans, sinks, countertops, or backsplashes you name it copper has officially taken over in the kitchen world. So now that you know it’s trendy let’s talk about why. One benefit is it’s longevity. Copper has been used in roofing for centuries so you know it’s sure to last in that kitchen of yours. My favorite thing about copper is it’s beauty. Many people would agree with me when I say a copper countertop is sure to drop some jaws!

coppercountercopper counter 2

Copper has many benefits with countertops copper is known for it’s germ killing properties.  On stainless steel germs like E coli can last for over a MONTH! With copper it’s gone within HOURS!


copper pots

copper pans 1


Copper is a great conductor of heat. Copper pots are used by many professional chefs due to their even heat distribution characteristics.




Characteristics of Maple


Maple is a hardwood, light in color with smooth uniform grain patterns.  The color may vary from white to light gray or tan. Maple will mellow as it ages, with the exposure to light and air.   Maple will exhibit random mineral streaks.  These dark streaks are mineral deposits.  This occurs throughout the growth process when the tree absorbs the minerals in the soil.  Other characteristics of maple are birds-eye and worm track patterns.


Kitchen Cabinet Care and Cleaning Tips



Kitchen Cabinet Care and Cleaning Tips:  The link above  will open up to the Sherwin Williams company information on care and maintenance of your wood cabinetry.  Eastman St. Woodworks uses Sherwin Williams paints, stains and top coats on their doors, moldings and exterior panels.  The proper care and maintenance is key to the long term durability of  your kitchen and bath cabinetry.  Protect your kitchen and bath renovation investment and you will enjoy the style and beauty of  your design, for many years to come.

Characteristics of Cherry

North American Cherry is a hardwood with a smooth texture that has a rich deep flowing grain pattern.  Cherry wood in its natural state has a pinkish hue with a range in color from nearly white to pink to dark brown.  Some sections can also have shades of yellow, green and gray.  Cherry also has small gum spots, pinholes, pitch pockets and mineral flecks.  Cherry will darken (mellow) with age due to exposure to sunlight.  This change can occur gradually or rapidly depending on the amount and intensity of the exposure.




Check Out Our Ad in New England Home Magazine

Magazine Article

We are excited to be featured in New England Home Magazine this month on Eastman St. Woodwork’s ad. Eastman St. Woodworks, a mid-priced affordable cabinet line, is built to withstand the rigors of everyday life.

New England Home is dedicated to showcasing the unique architecture and superior design that define the luxury home in New England. We are honored to be highlighted in this great publication!

Check out New England Homes Magazine for the latest design trends.

Kitchen Remodeling: The Top 5 Design Trends for 2014

Considering a kitchen remodeling project for the New Year? According to the Zillow Digs Home Design Trend Report, 2014 is the year for kitchen remodeling with homeowners listing this as a top priority for home renovations. Whether you’ve already gathered some ideas or just started researching, here are some of the latest trends for you to consider for your brand new dream kitchen.

1) Black Countertops
Black Kitchen Counter Top

The sleek and sophisticated look of black countertops will be one of the hottest elements this year. More homeowners will be pairing the darker countertops with lighter materials, such as white cabinets, to provide a contrast. Instead of going with a glossy surface like traditionally polished granite countertops, consider going with a leather finish. As a result, you will have a subdued sheen with the benefit of hiding crumbs and streaks. Black countertops will provide your home with a tasteful, yet dramatic look.

2) Neutral and Darker Colors

Neutral Kitchen Counter Top

Homeowners have shown a great interest this year in incorporating darker paint colors for their kitchens such as black, dark red, deep brown, and copper. Since kitchens usually have very little exposed wall area, using darker colors will unlikely make the room feel small and closed in. Stainless steel appliances and dark wooden cabinets will integrate well with the deep hues. Adding in neutral colors, such as a gray backsplash, will create a beautiful soft look that will lighten up the kitchen.

3) Glass-front Cabinets and Open Shelves

Modern Kitchen

Displaying your best dinnerware has never been easier with glass-fronted cabinets and open shelves. Since the kitchen is a main gathering area, you can utilize these spaces by placing treasured items or photos for everyone to see. Glass-fronted cabinets and open shelves not only complement farmhouse and contemporary kitchens, they also work well with more traditional and sophisticated designs.

4) Sleeker Cabinet Door Styles

Modern Kitchen

Cabinets have a major impact on the style of a kitchen because they are such an important and plentiful element. The popularity of modern and transitional kitchens has led to an increased interest in simpler cabinet doors and less hardware. Some looks eliminate hardware entirely, by using push latches or recessed grooves in the doors for an even sleeker appearance.

5) Wood Topped Islands


In a majority of open plan kitchens, the island is the main physical and visual divider between the cooking and living areas. In order to join the two areas, many homeowners are topping islands with wood instead of traditional countertop materials such as granite or marble. This creates a furniture-like look that merges both the cooking and living areas together.