Characteristics of Maple


Maple is a hardwood, light in color with smooth uniform grain patterns.  The color may vary from white to light gray or tan. Maple will mellow as it ages, with the exposure to light and air.   Maple will exhibit random mineral streaks.  These dark streaks are mineral deposits.  This occurs throughout the growth process when the tree absorbs the minerals in the soil.  Other characteristics of maple are birds-eye and worm track patterns.


Kitchen Cabinet Care and Cleaning Tips



Kitchen Cabinet Care and Cleaning Tips:  The link above  will open up to the Sherwin Williams company information on care and maintenance of your wood cabinetry.  Eastman St. Woodworks uses Sherwin Williams paints, stains and top coats on their doors, moldings and exterior panels.  The proper care and maintenance is key to the long term durability of  your kitchen and bath cabinetry.  Protect your kitchen and bath renovation investment and you will enjoy the style and beauty of  your design, for many years to come.

Characteristics of Cherry

North American Cherry is a hardwood with a smooth texture that has a rich deep flowing grain pattern.  Cherry wood in its natural state has a pinkish hue with a range in color from nearly white to pink to dark brown.  Some sections can also have shades of yellow, green and gray.  Cherry also has small gum spots, pinholes, pitch pockets and mineral flecks.  Cherry will darken (mellow) with age due to exposure to sunlight.  This change can occur gradually or rapidly depending on the amount and intensity of the exposure.