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Eastman St. Woodworks provide quality and value in the high-end cabinet market by focusing on the core essentials of what consumers and home owners want in their kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

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The kitchen industry is generally divided into two distinct categories: stock cabinetry and custom/semi-custom cabinetry. 

Stock Cabinetry

  • limited door styles, finishes & options
  • no modifications
  • low price

Semi Custom Cabinetry

  • many door styles, finishes & options
  • custom modifications
  • high price

Eastman St. Woodworks takes the most important aspects of each category and combines them into a single product with a focus on value. We call this category the “Quarter Custom Cabinet”.


  • Quality construction & finish
  • Popular design modifications
  • Essential selection door styles & colors
  • Priced between stock & semi-custom

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Standard cabinet color for Eastman St. Woodworks on Youtube.

Sherwin Williams 2020 color of the year on Youtube.