Martha’s Vineyard Kitchen

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This is a great example of how you can get the custom kitchen look for a much lower price. This Eastman St Woodworks kitchen is a beautiful selling point for a home listed in Martha’s Vineyard for just over 1.8 million dollars. This builder saw that he could get a custom kitchen look along with great quality and save room in his budget for other upgrades!

View More: More: More: St Woodworks cabinets are made locally in Easton, MA. From the dovetail drawers made at their facility down to the sleek looking appliance panels you will see the quality shine through. They are far from ordinary so don’t fear if you need an odd or custom cabinet they can do that too!

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While designing your kitchen if you decide to add a custom cabinet you will still be saving plenty of money for that upgraded fridge or kitchen aid you’ve had your eye on. This is because you aren’t paying those high custom cabinet line prices. You only pay custom prices for the custom cabinets you request. After all who wants to pay custom prices for cabinets that aren’t custom?!

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Cabinets: Eastman St. Woodworks                      Door Style: Nantucket                       Color: Pure White

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