Selling Features & Benefits

There are many attributes that separate us
from some of the more well known companies
and here are our favorites!


More Space!
Who doesn’t need more space in their kitchen?
Many people come in to remodel their kitchen and will complain about the lack of storage space. This is something that we are proud to say we understand and have taken into consideration. Our drawer boxes are not only bigger than the competitions, but significantly enough for it to be a bit shocking to the homeowners as well as the designers when it’s pointed out. So show the homeowner this feature and let them decide for themselves…

drawer box
Pull out the drawer boxes and place them on a counter.
Make sure the drawer head is hanging over the edge.
You will notice ours is higher which means deeper drawers!

drawer box close up
No more trying to push down your spatula or big spoons
to get the drawers opened and closed!


Smooth finish
Take a sample door of a competitor in a similar price point, now we want you to rub your hand over some of the stained doors. Go ahead…check a few. Now pick up one of our stained door samples and do the same. You may notice ours is smoother or even that the finish feels a bit thicker. This is something we take great pride in. It is due to our hand sanding and thick finish coat which makes for a long lasting product that feels great!
National Lumb -Berlin Disp
No Upcharge for Paint!!!!
Many companies charge more for painted cabinets but Eastman St. Woodworks doesn’t! We want you to get the kitchen of your dreams for same price no matter what finish you choose.


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