Statement Backsplashes

Trends are sometimes looked at negatively in the sense that after time they become “outdated” although when people look at homes some trends from different time periods are seen as very desirable. backsplash1Tile is something that if it’s done well it will outlast the time you spend in your home. Whether the tile is ceramic, glass, marble, or porcelain this tile trend won’t be the next popcorn ceiling or plastic faux-brick in man caves so don’t worry! Be informed and not afraid to decorate to your taste and in the styles of today!cloud tile - new ravenna

subway - green - fireclayWhen updating your home with tile there are plenty of styles to pick from. Subway tiles (pictured right) have been a popular choice for a while due to their simplistic style and are typically seen in white with your choice of grout color. These green ones happen to make a bold statement without having the feeling of being too busy. To top it off they are made in the US and are made with 65% recycled materials! Laser cut tiles come in various interesting shapes. Arabesque tiles (pictured above, left) which have a Moroccan vibe to them which is proving to be a huge trend in kitchens & mosaic glass tiles - lunada baybaths this year. Another option are glass tiles not only are most eco-friendly but stylish too and the added can add a bit of glamour to the space. Often with glass people chose to use a color pallet rather then choose one solid color. The kitchen below (pitured with stainless steel hood) is a great example of using a statement backsplash to create a strong focal point in the space. The tile in itself is a decoration and little is needed with a great backsplash. One thing I will have you notice is a common design element to all of these kitchens they all have simple countertops which allows the backsplash to stand out! For more statement backspashes and other design ideas. Check out our Pinterest and Houzz pages!

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